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Eco Zipper Bags - Sandwich

Eco Zipper Bags - Sandwich

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SugarWrap eco zip lock sandwich bags are a resealable solution for storing food in and out of the fridge, keeping food fresh and full of taste. The SugarWrap range offers the same functional durability as regular petro-based plastics, however, it is carbon positive and completely sustainable and renewable.


- Ideal for storing sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, baked goods, cooked food, and leftovers.

- Thick, durable bags that help protect food from freezer burn and keep your food fresh.

- Microwaveable and freezable (use as directed). When defrosting & reheating, keep slightly open to vent.

- SugarWrap eco zip lock bags are made from natural sugarcane which is great for you and great for the environment.



40 Zip Lock Bags per box
17 x 18 cm

Why SugarWrap?

SugarWrap offers a complete range of kitchen plastics, made from sustainable sugarcane Bio-PE renewable material, that can replace petroleum-based plastics with the goal of establishing an environmentally conscious alternative to food-safe plastics. Unlike Corn-based bio-plastics, Bio-PE made from Brazilian sugarcane has no impact on global food production and also only occupies 1.5% of Brazilian arable land area, with no impact on vital Amazon Rain Forest areas. Brazilian sugarcane is cultivated in the Southeast of Brazil, some 2,000 km away from the Amazon Forest.

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How to dispose

We recommend reusing your SugarWrap eco plastics whenever possible.

Alternatively, the best way to dispose of your SugarWrap eco plastics is by recycling them. Bio-PE is a plant-based material, it can be safely recycled in regular recycling plants along with all other recyclable plastics.

Due to the integrity of Bio-PE, this sustainable plastic solution can be recycled so those valuable energy and material inputs can be kept in the production cycle for longer.

Please check with your local council before throwing any soft plastics in your recycling bin.

Our Mission

SugarWrap is one of the world’s first environmentally beneficial alternatives to everyday household plastic products.

We understand there is a need for single-use plastics in our home, business and everyday life, as a result we have developed a complete range of kitchen plastics, made from sustainable sugarcane Bio-PE renewable material. The production of SugarWrap follows a green path from end to end. A sustainable solution to single-use plastics and an easy everyday swap with a big impact.

It's important to avoid petroleum plastics for the health of our environment, ourselves and family.


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