How to dispose of SugarWrap compostable products

This product is AS 5810:2010 Certified Compostable (Biodegradable plastics - Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting).

You can dispose of this product anywhere there is oxygen and microorganism:

 - Council Green Bin

- Home composting system 

- Garden

- Not recommended, however landfill is an option depending on the conditions as all landfills are different


According to the Australian Standards for home composting, the certification AS 5810 requires compostable products to disintegrate after 180 days and completely biodegrade after 12 months in a home compost.

Home composting conditions vary from the products simply being buried in soil to well managed home composting conditions with regular turning and maintenance of moisture levels. Under the latter conditions, AS5810 certified home compostable products will disintegrate and biodegrade well within the time frames included in AS5810, at the same rate as would other organic matter like food scraps.